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It is no coincidence that you can find Studentathome in the heart of Cape Town because the heart that beats through that building will never run dry. From the friendly receptionists and guards who will never hesitate to greet and have a chat, to the amazing staff who run the building like a well-oiled machine and the lovely ladies who make sure we come home to a beautiful-smelling apartment – it feels like home!

Let me do you a favour and tell you that Studentathome is the ideal place to be as a student/young professional. In my lengthy search for the perfect apartment for me and my boyfriend – a student and young professional – Studentathome came out way on top. From an extremely affordable living cost – rent that includes uncapped Wi-Fi, DSTV, a luxurious apartment fully equipped with basically everything you might need and monthly cleaning service – to washing and drying machines in-house, study areas, a gym and recreational area, café AND 24/7 security – what could be more perfect? It is not rhetorical. Try and answer that.

If you have any issues during the day, take a quick lift trip to the 3rd floor where you will be assisted in seconds and have the problem solved in no time. Need maintenance done? Expect it within the day! Have a pest problem? You will be asking yourself, ‘What pest problem?’ in a matter of days! Everything is taken care of in a jiffy, with no hassle and no stress.

If all of this was not enough, Studentathome is conveniently situated right in the centre of the city on one of the most famous streets in Cape Town! With a My Citi bus stop right outside and The Company Gardens right across the road, you will always have an inexpensive way of getting out and exploring!

Being a youth of today is stressful enough without COVID affecting this vital time in our lives that could shape our future…do not add to the pile by worrying about something right in front of you. If you are not 100% convinced yet – just book an appointment to come have a look – but I can assure you that you will be itching to make Studentathome your home away from home! 

Written by Zoe Gray

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