Student At Home

World Class Facilities

On-Site Gym!

Sculpt your student journey in our on-site gym and unleash your inner strength at no added cost! Equipped with industry standard equipment,  get the summer body at the best student apartments in Cape Town

Student Apartments Cape Town
Student Apartments Cape Town

Study Focused Areas!

Each floor has a designated private study area for a quiet escape or to discuss with friends. Lose yourself in the pages and get the first class you promised yourself and family that you would. 

Groovy Terrace.

We know being a student can be hectic sometimes so we designed the terrace on the 3rd floor to allow you to disconnect from school and reconnect with the world. Packed with awesome views, ample space and very awesome beanbags, come chill and connect with our vibrant community at the ideal student apartments in Cape Town. 

Student Apartments Cape Town
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